Lost with Purpose

No signs. No traffic lights. No one. Nothing. Just me. Just fog. How can I aspire to inspire if the sun of inspiration has been replaced with a low-lying cloud? How can I find where I need to go when there are road blocks of cloud everywhere? in a maze of stagnancy. How do I find my way? How can I help light the direction for others if my own is dim?

How did I get here? Were there not any warning signs before I’ve reached this dead-end? have I finally reached rock-bottom? Is this the center of Earth? Am I dead?

Just keep going. Keep trying. Keep questioning. Keep wondering. Keep thinking.

Don’t give up.

The fog will get so full of water that it will have to combust sooner or later. Visibility will be regained and your own misguidance will be with meaning.

Speak upon everything. Even the fog; whose purpose is to charade your direction of thoughts into a mental prison and leave you at a standstill of confusion and blank pages…somehow you use it to get through it.

Find your reason through its agenda. Embrace it and allow its touch to become your inspiration to inspire others who get lost in its realm. Use its weapon of blindness and create new eyes.

Conquer the fog by writing through the fog.

Lost with purpose.


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